Mr & Mrs Church

Location: Oxford, UK.

Model: 4.1 Meter Block Paved Turntable, Motorised with Remote Control.

Installed: November 2011

Details: This project was a private commission by Mr & Mrs Church of Oxford. They had moved in to a house and found that vehicle access on and off their plot was very difficult.

They had a long garden with garage space at the opposite end of the plot from the access gates. Vehicles access in to the garages was near impossible. Some cars were parked on the lawn because they could not be manoeuvred safely in to the garages.

By installing a 4.1 meter block paved turntable in front of their garages, Mr & Mrs Church resolved all their access problems. Now all cars can be driven up and down the drive in a forward gear and easily turned for access in to the garages.

Spin-It carried out the complete turntable installation project for Mr & Mrs Church from preparing the groundwork's through to finishing off the landscaping.

The car turntable project took a total of four days to complete.