Mr & Mrs Fox

Location: Ascot, Berkshire, UK.

Model: 6.0 Meter Block Paved Turntable, Motorised with Remote Control.  Full Installation and Landscaping

Installed: October 2011

Details: In October 2011 Spin-It were approached by Mr & Mrs Fox to resolve vehicle parking issues they were having at their property in Ascot.

The property had a long, single width, access driveway that ran the full length of their garden to a block paved turning area set at the back of the garden. Off the turning area was a double car port. The total area used up by the car port and the car turning area was large and did not leave much room left for garden. Even with a large block paved area set aside for turning the cars, it was difficult to manoeuvre and cars were getting damaged.

After a site visit, Spin-It recommended installing a 6.0 Meter, TWO CAR turntable in the area currently used to carry out the multiple point turns. This would eliminate the need to carry out any damaging manoeuvres and, if two cars were parked permanently on the table, it would make the car port redundant freeing the space up for extra garden.

This proposal was accepted and in October of 2011 Spin-It undertook a comprehensive turntable installation for Mr Fox, which consisted of all the groundwork's, the turntable installation and all the final landscaping.

Mr & Mrs Fox can now drive straight in to their property, park either of two cars on top of the turntable, 'spin-it' around and then drive straight out without any need for reversing or tricky manoeuvring.