Diffused-Wall Photo Studio Turntable

The Spin-It Diffused-Wall Photo-Studio is an integrated Photo Studio & Turntable solution for taking professional photographs and videos repeatedly and with ease.
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Domestic Car Turntables - Spin-It Car Turntables

Never Reverse Out of your driveway again With a 'Spin-it' Driveway Car Turntable
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Trade Car Turntables

Display Turntables are universally recognised as an effective selling tool in the showroom.
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Photo Studio Turntables

Spin-It has been installing Photographic Studio Turntables to the Automotive Trade since 2008.
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Special Project Turntables

Our Car Turntables can easily be used for Sculptures and Summer Houses; is not just for cars!
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Mr Atherton, Glasgow


"After receiving a number of quotes from a handful of bespoke manufacturing companies, we found SPIN-IT Car Turntables to be very competitive. They provided a detailed no obligation quote which we chose to accept not only because of the competitiveness of the quote, but because the guys who came to perform the site survey were friendly, courteous and answered all our questions in an accurate and non-condescending manner.

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Example Installations


Click the Image Above to Open the Spin-It Car Turntables Example Insallations in a New Window.  Alternatively the Example Installations PDF document can be downladed by right clicking (CTRL click on MAC) the following link and selecting 'save target/link as'. Spin-It Car Turntables Example Installations 2012