360° Video & Photography Turntable

At Spin-It, we endeavour to bring you the best possibile product and we are careful to partner with companies of similar values. For our video studio car turntables, we've teamed up with the global leader in automotive video-streaming, AutosOnShow.TV.

AutosOnShow.TV's award-winning 360 degree video and photographic solution allows you to video your vehicles spinning on a Spin-It turntable.

Our clients are quickly realising the value and ease of use the AutosOnShow.TV's innovative software brings, adding a great feature to our products.

Video brings your potential customers closer to your vehicles -
making it a great sales aid for long distance sales

From just 1 automated turntable spin you get:

  • 10 still photographs taken during the spin
  • In-built number plate recognition for automated speed and accuracy
  • Automatic processing of the video and FTP to all our global streaming servers
  • Automatic instant delivery through your website via our integrated APIs
  • iSafe technology for iPhone and iPad devices
  • In-built social networking tools to aid sharing of content
  • Statistical reporting to track video views and click throughs
  • Right protection to prevent people stealing your videos
  • Automatically assign any number of additional close up / internal photographs
  • Collect vehicle details based on the registration for automatic integration (e.g CAP) (additional charge applies)
  • Automatic distribution of branded teaser videos to YouTube

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