Special Project Statue/Sculpture & Summer House Turntables

Over the years Spin-It have manufactured special projects for…

Bespoke Statue Turntable – Load capacity 16,000Kg, Rotating at 1 revolution every 4 Hours.

Summer House Turntables – Designed to sit hidden below the footprint of a standard garden summer-house. Motorised with remote control, these turntables enable the customer to sit in the comfort of the summer-house and rotate the building using the remote control to follow the sun.

Spray & Cleaning Booth Turntables – Custom made 1Mtr diameter turntables. Floor mount, heavy duty, rotating at 1RPM.

Head Up Display Testing – 8Mtr diameter staged flooring standing 1Mtr tall in a fiberglass dome building. A cockpit from a fighter plane is mounted on a 2Meter diameter turntable in the middle of the dome. The turntable mechanism then rotates the cockpit and moves a simulated sun / moon to determine if there are any blind spots for the head up display.

Olympic Goaloids – Spin-It have been commissioned to build the control systems for a work of art that is to be displayed in London for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

At Spin-It we have over 30 years’ worth of experience in Engineering Design and Manufacture and two large UK manufacturing facilities. This capability has proven to be very useful over the years as we get regular requests to manufacture special projects that fall outside the normal remit of a Car Turntable.