Heavy Duty Steel Fabrication & Inverted Running Gear

Bespoke Drive Wheel & Running Gear

UK Engineering company in control of our own manufacturing

Robust Design & Skilled Manufacture Lead to a Quality Product

Car Turntable for Driveway & Garages, Turntable Manufacturers UK

Technical Information

Below is a list of key Technical Details that make our Car Turntables superior in both design and function


Heavy Duty Steel Fabrication

Manufactured in our state of the art UK manufacturing facilities. Designed with surplus strength in mind to exceed expected working loads. Fabricated by Skilled Steel Fabrication Engineers and finished to withstand the harsh UK environments for many years.

Bespoke Drive Wheel

Spin-It have developed a unique drive wheel that has been specifically designed to give high grip in the wet and also maintain very low wear characteristic. This unique solution has resulted in a very reliable, long lasting solution.

Durable Electrical Motor Drive

All of our motorised Car Turntables are driven by heavy duty, Industry Grade electric motors and gearbox's. We use 0.75Kw drive motors as a standard on all systems. A lower powered 0.375Kw motor can be used in certain circumstances. The turntable drive system runs off a standard domestic 240V single phase supply and is controlled by means of an industrial grade inverter. The inverter gives control of direction and speed as well as giving Soft Start / Soft Stop and safety monitoring functionality.

Key-Fob Remote Control

To make operating the turntable as comfortable as possible, Spin-It have can offer an integrated FM Remote control system that allows the turntable to be operated from the comfort of the car. The remote control system comes with added KeyLock security features that ensure your turntable will not accidentally pick up other remote controls and start to operate without warning.

Inverted Running Gear

All running gear wheels are stationary on the ground and the turntable runs over them. Designed to give ease of access to all key equipment through inspection chambers set in the turntable top.

Engineered Nylon Running Gear

Our Nylon 66 running gear is manufactured in-house to our own design. Our running gear is designed to produce very low running noise. Each nylon wheel is finished off with two heavy duty sealed for life bearings giving a load capacity of 750Kg per wheel.

Optional Frost Protection

To respond to colder UK winter temperatures Spin-It has developed an under table frost protection a system. This helps prevent the turntable freezing up in extreme low temperatures.

Corporate Member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

Spin-It hold quality of product and professionalism of service as two key factors when running a company. To reflect this Spin-It has been accepted as a corporate member of the guild of master craftsmen. This endorsement reflects the high standards that we have set ourselves.

One Stop Shop Facility

To make matters simpler for customers, Spin-It can offer a complete start to finish installation service. From carrying out groundwork's, right through to finishing off with a landscaping service, Spin-It can simplify your project management by carrying out all key turntable installation tasks as a single project.

Groundwork Drawings & Specification Sheet

Below is a list of PDF documents that will assist you in the initial design and layout of your new Spin-It Car Turntable:

pdfGroundwork Drawing

pdfCar Turntable Specification Sheet