Trade Car Turntables - Octagon Developments

Octagon Developments, St. Georges Hill, Weybridge. 2010
  • 5.0 Meter Diameter
  • Block Paved Turntable
  • Motorised and with Remote Control.

Trade Car Turntables - Redgate Lodge

Redgate Lodge Garage Showroom 2011
  • 3.8 metre Diameter
  • Surface Mount Display Plynth
  • Aluminium Chequer Plate

Trade Car Turntables - Luxury Apartments

Krakow - Poland  Provides access to Luxury Apartment Underground Car Park 2010
  • 4.1 Metre
  • Aluminium Cheq

Trade Car Turntables - Aston Martin

Aston Martin 177 Micro Factory - Gaydon Workshop Turntable 2010
  • 5.0 metre Diameter
  • Aluminium Top - Painted

Trade Car Turntable Warranty

guild-bonw3-year-warrantyAt Spin-It we understand how important it is to main contractors that they can complete a build project with the piece of mind that the customer is happy and there will be no long term problems.

With this in mind, Spin-It offer a comprehensive THREE YEAR warranty* on our full range of Car Turntables.  For trade customers this warranty is extendable to FIVE YEARS.


* warranty is limited to failure of parts only for self install kits.